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Can We Explain The Internet To Children?

Fri 19 December, 2014

Even seemingly simple concepts, such as the internet need a great depth of knowledge to understand completely. So does that mean they are impossible to teach?

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Creative Christmas Computing - Ipad App Review

Fri 12 December, 2014

Looking for a Christmas Literacy Lesson? This one combines iPads,, the Grinch and Drawing with Carl. Why not download our lesson and give it a whirl with your class?

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Tablet Computers In Education Are A Waste Of Time (If You Don't Avoid These Mistakes)

Wed 03 December, 2014

According to research, 70% of schools now use tablet technology, but the same research shows no clear link between tablet use and academic progress. At Soft Egg, we feel that key mistakes are being made in the implementation and use of tablet technology and that these mistakes are what is stopping them from having an effect on academic progress.

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